Month: November 2022

Eastern CT Fall Fishing

Fall 2022 is slowly getting better in terms of water levels. We still need more but it is certainly better than 2 months ago.

Fall is a favorite time of mine to fish river and streams in Eastern Connecticut. DEEP has concluded its fall stocking so many popular fishing spots have been refreshed. The TMA’s received their fall stock as well. Temperatures are back in trout friendly ranges and fishing pressure is generally lower.

Although we are past peak and much of the foliage is down, there still is some beautiful colors out there. My Galvan Torque adds to it. As you can see, this is a holdover rainbow with its darker colors.

More fall colors in this photo. This bow is a stocker from this fall with its silvery colors.

The TMA I hit today was stocked earlier in October so even stocked trout get wise with time- they didn’t hit my flies very hard. Fortunately, I felt the ” takes ” nicely with my ADG Titan fly rod. The titanium wire inserts throughout the rod helps transmit every little ” tap” of a leaf, rock or in this case, another trout.

November is a great month to be out there. You may still battle the ” leaf hatch ” a little longer, the rivers may be a little lower than they should be but, there are fish in them and they are still willing to cooperate with the right presentation and flies. One caution is warranted though. Be careful around spawning trout and their redds. Personally, I do not intentionally target them and I am always very carefully where I wade from mid October into the winter.

Happy fall fishing. I hope it is as enjoyable for you as it is for me.