1. Thanks to Mike for a great small stream class – very personalized instruction. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone thinking about fishing small or even large streams. I went into this as pretty much a beginner – I have been fly fishing for about a year, mostly in the Farmington. I just had the opportunity to take the class because the timing was good.

    Of all the equipment and books I’ve looked at, this was by far the best way to learn. I learned way more in the time spent here than I have in a year on my own. It’s one thing to read a book or watch a video, but experiencing the stream is by far the best way to learn. I realized quite a few things I was doing wrong and what’s really important.

    Mike showed us some tricks that I’m pretty sure would be hard to find in books along with a holistic approach to fishing a stream. He helped give me the confidence that I would know what to do without a guide. I wrote down everything I learned in this so I could refer to it later. Now it’s just a matter of practice and patience.

    I plan on doing more of these as time allows.

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