Day: August 3, 2015

Summer Evening with Jacob

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Bubby and I went out after dinner Saturday night to fish a portion of the Willimantic River, very close to our home. We only had about an hour or so before dark and chose to just wet wade and mess around with a few ” rough ” fish ( pan, fall, bass, chub, perch, etc.) The part of the Willy that we decide to fish doesn’t hold trout over during the summer and is very low and warm currently. That being said, it still is a lot of fun for a 6 year old to romp around a stream looking under rocks, picking up bugs, and catching some type of fish in the process…oh and most importantly- being out with daddy ! His Spiderman pole is still his favorite but he is getting better and more independent with one of my ADG brush rods which is a nice size for him and definitely durable enough to handle the beating a child can put on a fly rod.