Does Size Matter ? I Think Not !


I ventured out today to hit a brook that was highly recommended by a friend of mine who is a small stream aficionado and a champion of them. Since he knows that I’m a small stream nut, too , he gave me this brook’s name. I try and not divulge too much information or show very descriptive pictures to protect these fragile environments and their priceless jewels that reside in them.

I arrived around 10 am and by 10:30 am, I was into my first fish…woohoo… it was going to be a great day !

20170104_110308I try and only show pictures of fish but sometimes that conveys exactly where you have been, too. This small brown loved a small Silver Doctor wet fly. I love to fish the ” old ” flies on small brooks. Something about it conjures up an era that seems to be missed by so many fly fishers today, especially of my generation and younger. I guess I just like fishing the ” old school ” way.


Since it was so mild today, the brookies were willing to go to the surface, too. They seemed to like a small Royal Wulff, another favorite of mine.


The color and beauty of eastern brook trout is unmatched by anything in nature and it demands their  utmost protection. They are true survivors but need our help protecting them with conscientious land and water use and development, water quality assessments, and other conservation measures. 20170104_112523

Fishing small streams isn’t  just about fishing for small native browns and brookies, its about enjoying peace and solitude where not everything is measured by size. This tree is small compared to the surrounding ones but it stands out.


Fishing small streams you get to hear the hushed babbling of a runoff tributary into the main stem of the brook. Everything about a small stream is contrary to urban settings and larger river systems that civilization has built itself around. I, too, am a champion of these places !



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