Winter Beauty


I think the forest is beautiful all the time but even when it is prime time spring and ” coming alive ” again, I still don’t think that it compares to what the forest looks like after a fresh snow.

Our last snowfall dumped roughly 4 inches in parts of Eastern Connecticut and created a 2 hour delay for my kids school. Since that did not give me a tremendous amount of time to fish until they came home from school, I had to rush to a local wild trout stream for a brief outing. I chose this particular one because I would not have to wade and could be satisfied with hitting a spot or two and calling it a day.


Even though I was pressed for time, I still take the time to appreciate the beauty and surrounds of the forest.


The little black stones were everywhere along the snow banks of the stream and on top of the rocks within the brook itself. What hearty little creatures !


I managed to catch this one little guy on top. Sadly, he was the only one of that day and I was quiet surprised that it wasn’t more productive. That being said, I was not as flexible as I should have been and didn’t tried other techniques like wets, nymphs, or micro streamers. But, one is better than none and this little native certainly doesn’t lack in color and beauty either. Wintery forest beauty + little native brown = Great Day !


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