Day: March 7, 2017

TVTU Members Teaching Boy Scouts Fly Tying

This past Sunday myself and a number of members from the Thames Valley Chapter of TU got together to help teach a group of boy scouts from Lisbon Troop 76 how to tie flies for fly fishing. This was one part of a series of classes that they needed to complete to achieve a merit badge in fly fishing. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Jacob was able to attend with me and enjoyed it just as much as I did.


Although this particular tying event was specifically geared towards teaching the scouts how to tie flies, Jake was able to tie right along with everyone else and even got some individual attention.


It was a real privilege and honor to help teach the scouts of Troop 76. Although I was never part of BSA, I’ve always admired their mission and have yet to meet a young scout who was not a courteous, well mannered young man.


Of course you must have pizza for lunch when you have a group of young boys gathered together !