Fish of the Willy

I spent a few hours this afternoon wet wading a portion of the Willy near my home. The water is low, clear, and warm. I didn’t take a temperature but it is outside the comfortable window for trout. The section I fished today doesn’t receive a stocking anyway. Trout still could have migrated to this area at some point but I was not intent on searching for or targeting trout. Today’s goal was to see how many different warm water species I could hook up with.

My gear selection was an ADG rod 9 foot 5/6 weight, Hatch Reel,  DT fly line,  Richardson Chest Box, some leader material ( Mason Hard Type & ARC Camo ), t-shirt, shorts, and wading boots…that’s it…pretty minimal for me !

The creek chub, fall fish, blue gills, and orange breast sunfish liked  stuff on top- beetles, ants, and a Purple Haze. The perch and bass like white minnow patterns.

Overall a good few hours with the best one being a smallmouth of a few pounds.P1020527 P1020539 P1020529 P1020530 P1020533 P1020534 P1020538 P1020542

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