The Start of 2021

ADG fly rod with Airflo DT and ECHO Ion Reel

Even though 2020 was a horrible year for my work ( EMS ), politics and the economy, guiding and the requests for fly fishing lessons, it was a good year. No doubt the requirements for social distancing coupled with a hot and dry spring and summer, contributed to a good year for anything outdoors. Will that translate into 2021 as well ? Only time will tell. I would say yes but, a UK variant of COVID is poised to run rampant here in the US soon. What that means, is that this COVID variant is far more contagious than its previous mutated versions making it even riskier than before to be gathered together. You were fairly safe with a lower risk of transmission being outdoors before, I don’t know about this one ?

That being said, Connecticut is far better off than most other states. A goodly percentage of Connecticut’s Tier 1 works have started or completed their vaccinations. Connecticut is one of six states with the lowest daily positivity rate in the country. Add to that, our state has vaccinated more people than any other state to date, including all of our senior citizens in skilled nursing facilities. What does this all mean again ? Only time will tell but we may fair better in 2021 than most other states. That may be promising for a continued spike in people wanting to learn fly fishing and being outdoors.

If the aforementioned picture is a predictor of this coming year, then we are poised to have another good fishing season providing that everyone abides the fishing regulations, minimizes litter and trash, and remains a good steward of the environment. This brookie is healthy and vibrant and fell to a Royal Coachman wet fly.

Orvis Helios 3D with Cortland DT and Galvan Torque Reel

Another good luck sign for 2021 was that we were able to get back some water this fall that we desperately needed from our severe drought. This allowed for a better spawn than I expected. Does it mean that every brook, stream or river had great spawning activity ? No, probably not, but I remain optimistic. The fact that I was catching and seeing larger holdover browns like this one still around this past fall and winter is a great sign.

ADG fly rod with Cortland DT and Hatch Finatic Reel

Seeing these little guys still around is a great sign !

Bella, my Beloved Black Lab and Fishing Girl

My fisher girl is getting better behaved each outing and has become more of a regular and trusted companion on the stream. She hasn’t disrupted too much of the water this past season so I am confident, she will only get better this season.

So….despite all that is crazy in the world right now, all that is uncertain and seemingly doom and gloom, there are some glimmers of hope. Hold on to those and lets see together what positive things will happen !

I hope everyone will remain healthy and safe this coming season. Please get your vaccinations when you can, be a good steward of the environment. Don’t take all of the fish in the ” put and take ” streams, bring your trash out with you, be kind and cooperative with other fisherman, landowners, and other people trying to enjoy the outdoors as well, and protect our TMA’s from poaching !

Finally, I would kindly ask that you please consider joining your local Trout Unlimited Chapter for participation in conservation and stream restoration. TU is a great organization to belong to and every chapter in Connecticut could use your time, efforts, and skills protecting some great fishing opportunities here in CT.

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