The Wet Fly & Egg

One of my favorite combinations and one that I learned from my buddy, Joe Humphreys, is to nymph a wet fly and egg pattern over freshly stocked trout. I have used this pattern combo over wild fish with great success, too, at certain times of the year.

My favorite wet fly is the Royal Coachman. I use it as my dropper and typically tie it in a larger size, like a #10. My point fly is the egg.

Typically what I encounter is that the rainbows will go after the egg most of the time but, a nice attractor wet fly will produce as well.

Browns will hit the egg equally as often but, they are suckers for the Royal Coachman as a wet fly dropper. There is something about the color combinations of the Royal Coachman that drives them crazy! Perhaps that pattern in a size #10 or #12 looks like a little wild brookie or brown ? No one really knows what they see it as but it sure has been a time honored and effective pattern for ages. I am never without a few in my chest fly box. The Royal Coachman is even deadlier on brook trout !

This pattern combination is a good one for new fly fishers to try because your odds of catching newly stocked trout with this combination is very high. Proof is in the bent rod !

Even though you may be catching stocked fish in a TMA right now, or later on in a stream that is open for taking some fish home for the pan, please be respectful of them. They are a precious commodity whether you think it or not. They offer encouragement and a sense of accomplishment and success for the new fly fisher. They provide fishing opportunities for people who don’t want to or can’t drive far to fish for trout. And, even though I practice catch and release 99.9% of the time, they provide a food source for other fisherman who do like to eat their catches regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I eat fish often but I do not take from public waters and leave those fish for others to catch and enjoy.

As always, be a good steward of the waters you fish. Pick up after yourself. Pick up after others who are less respectful. Share your knowledge. If you have been successful in one spot, share with someone near you that hasn’t. If you take fish home, don’t take your limit each and every time you are out- save some fun for everyone else. Bring someone with you and teach them fishing and conservation. Finally, join your local Trout Unlimited or local conservation group. There are too many people out there who do not share your love of fishing and the great outdoors and would be more than happy to end that for you if you are not mindful of your actions.

DEEP works tirelessly for our benefit and enjoyment. Thank them when you see them. Good luck this fishing season and I hope to see some of you out there this year.

Give this combination a try next time. I almost guarantee tight lines, big smiles, and happy faces!


  1. Could you tell me how you rig your egg and wet fly? In other words, where do you put weight on the leader, is the egg weighted, what is the spacing between the wet and the egg, etc.?


    1. My eggs are generally not weighted. I put split shot between the egg and wet. I start about 10-12 ” above the egg. I usually put on smaller size shot and add more if I need to. I space them apart roughly 1-2 ” so they roll better and hang up less. I try and keep any point fly to dropper at least 22-24 ” so if a smaller trout rolls it doesn’t twist everything up into knots. You could tie in a small swivel to help with that as well.


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